What is Clickaloo?

Clickaloo™ is a free, 3D printable construction toy! The magic of Clickaloo™ is in the pin & plate system - below you will find a series of downloadable play sets using this system - Including assembly instructions! You will also find a complete library of Clickaloo™ parts that you can use to modify your play set or even invent your own!
Buggy Gif


All Clickaloo™ play sets and parts are available as downloadable STL files – which work with your 3D printer!

3D Printable

Clickaloo’s files have been designed to work with desktop FDM printers using ABS plastic. Feel free to try different materials and let us know how you go!


That’s right! All that Clickaloo asks is that you share your creation with the world! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to share!